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We also install new Air duct systems and air vents in Orlando Florida. 
We Specialize in installing Residential Split AC / Heat pump air conditioners, package unit air conditioners and Commercial Rooftop Air Conditioners.
As a Florida State Mechanical Contractor we have no Ton or BTU limit we can install any size System.


If your AC unit is over 10 years old or no longer covered under factory warranty chances are sooner or later you will need a major repair.
Sometimes it just doesn't make sense to keep paying for repairs on a old and inefficient air conditioning system. New air conditioning systems come with factory part and labor warranties.There are plenty of benefits included when purchasing a new air conditioning system.

Residential AC Installation and Air Conditioner Replacement in Orlando Fl

We offer Residential Air Conditioner Replacement and Installation services in the Greater Orlando area. We install Heat Pump AC systems, Straight Cool AC systems, Gas Furnace AC Systems, Ductless/ Mini Split AC Systems, Package AC units and More.  All Residential AC systems Installed by Premier Comfort of Fl will carry a 10 year Manufacturer  part warranty and a 1.5 - 2 year labor warranty on the new system Installed.

Need a Commercial Air Conditioner Installed in Orlando Florida? 

Commercial Rooftop AC installation and commercial air conditioning replacement services in Orlando Florida and central Florida. Package unit installation in Orlando Florida. Need a mini split air conditioner installed in Orlando Florida? We install mini split air conditioning units for your home or business in Orlando Florida.

Have You made the Switch from a R22 Unit to R410A AC Unit yet? 

R-22 Refrigerant or R22 Freon as some may call it is in most of the air conditioners in Orlando Florida today. Unknown to many is that R-22 freon won’t be for sale much longer. 2020 is the last production year of R-22 after this supply runs out there will be no more R-22 available. Manufacturers already are making the steps to convert all new models to run on the newer 410a refrigerant and are no longer selling r22 equipment due to the EPA phase out. If your current air conditioner is running on r22 freon it is a good idea to consider replacement due to rising costs of ownership.

There are Advantages of Installing a New R-410a Air Conditioning Unit
Some of the benefits you will enjoy are such as:

  • Lower operating cost 
  • Factory part warranties 
  • Labor warranties 
  • Energy Consumption reduction
  • Increased home value 
  • Quieter running equipment 
  • Fresher cleaner air 
  • Tax and rebate credits 

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Why Premier Comfort? Because we care by offering full service support and long term warranties for a wide range of local air conditioning needs, including:
  • Orlando Florida  AC Installation
  • Orlando Florida AC Repair
  • Orlando Florida AC Maintenance
  • Orlando Florida AC Replacement
  • Orlando Florida New Air Conditioner
  • Orlando Florida Heat Pump Replacement
  • Orlando Florida Commercial Air Conditioner
  • Orlando Florida HVAC Installation
  • Orlando Florida Furnace Installation
  • Orlando Florida Mechanical Contractor
  • Commercial AC Installation in Orlando
  • Commercial Rooftop AC Replacement in Orlando
  • HVAC Replacement in Orlando Florida
  • Downtown Orlando Air Conditioner Replacement
  • Downtown Orlando AC Installation
  • Downtown Orlando HVAC Installation

Orlando Florida commercial air conditioning service
Orlando Florida commercial air conditioning conditioning installation
Need air conditioning service at your office or store location in Orlando Florida?
We offer same day commercial air conditioning service and repairs in Orlando Florida. Commercial air conditioning repairs in Orlando Florida don't let your customers or employees sweat in your business location.
Commercial air conditioning installation in Orlando Florida.
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Apartment complex air conditioning repair service in Orlando Florida
Apartment complex air conditioning installation in  Orlando Florida
Warehouse air conditioning repair service in  Orlando Florida
Restaurant air conditioning repair in  Orlando Florida
Restaurant air conditioning installation in  Orlando Florida
New home construction air conditioning installation in  Orlando Florida
New commercial air conditioning conditioning installation in Orlando Florida
New construction air duct installation in  Orlando Florida
Sheet metal duct installation in  Orlando Florida
Air duct installation in  Orlando Florida
Orlando Florida Storage unit air conditioning repair
 Orlando Florida unit air conditioning installation 

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